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    • Throughout the years, it has been an attractive stop for many summer tourists of Rio de la Plata. The principal characteristics of Piriápolis are its hills, beaches and calm.
    • Piriapolis, beach resort located only 100 kilometers from Montevideo, has been a must for many summer tourists for quite some years.

      Its main characteristic are its hills, which seem to dive into the sea, and are the perfect viewpoint to admire this small beach resort and the surroundings.

      This majestic hotel was built in 1930. Today, this renovated hotel with modern services, standing splendorous all year round as the first hotel to offer healthy tourism. The hotel has thermal sea water pools and Rumanian therapies to vitalize and improve beauty. This is the Argentino Hotel de Piriapolis, located across the street from a spectacular and European style sea side walk.
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